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About Sukhajeevitham Foundation

“First child of a family is a pet to everyone. In same way I was the elder among my sibling.Now I confess “God takes charge over the first born”. At the age of 19 I was married .God blessed me with a son .After three years of marriage , God turned things against me so he could use me for his wonderful mission.

I had to learn and toil hard in my life. Not a single moment he made me sit idle.Everyday he taught me new lesson to become strong.

I joined multinational company.God gave me “BEAULAH JOSHUA”, a good friend and spiritual guide to make me spiritually more strong. Faced many experience in my life, started the career as a consultant, then got transferred to Coimbatore and then to Chennai.

My journey in Chennai for 23 years was a blessing.I did many business too. I started ladies/gents hostel.I had more than 170 students and 25 workers to assist the.Starting a restaurant and catering was a part of them.