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Our Vision

In the year 2007, God helped me to buy a property. I dedicated the property to God and spent lakhs amount of money to make the property flat as it was not equal. I did not have the experience in doing that and I lost all my savings in fixing the property.

I went into deep agony and pain after realizing all the money has gone. I confessed to God to take charge over me. In continuation my health also became bad and I had over bleeding without control.I consulted many doctors and they advised me for the surgery.I am a type of person who fear for a small injection and getting operated became a big fear for me.I went to hospital and they scanned my stomach twice and fixed the appointment for the next day. It was morning 8 A.M and I got ready to go to the hospital.Before I left I knelt down in my room and prayed to God.While I was praying I went into deep sleep. In my sleep I saw a vision towards the sky in heaven. I saw two hands coming down. I saw the left hand in which there appeared a big cross.Suddenly a voice said “my daughter why are you looking at my left hand which is heavy look at my right hand which is light”

In the vision I moved my eyes towards the right hand and I saw a Bible and many butterflies coming out of the hand.After sometime my sister in law came to me and woke me up.Without further discussion I started for the operation theatre and the doctor advised the nurse to take the final scan.To our astonishment “The scan says there is no problem and I realized that the bleeding has stopped an hour ago”.This was a miracle by God.