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Registration Our Organization

I used to earn a good income from my job and paying guest accommodation. Registering the trust was not a big deal.Whenever I planned to register a trust I would fail.I will not make even ten thousand rupees to spend on it.I faced three times failure in this.

One fine morning I was getting ready to my office and that time bell rang, I went down and saw 3 people , father, mother and a daughter.They came to me for seeking admission for their daughter in my P.G.They sat in the hall and I gave them application form .The form had many rules and regulations and her father was reading all these and asking questions on those. Her father even asked to taste the breakfast. On their request We served them the food . While eating they saw all the Bible books which were there on the table and then they started to talk about Jesus.I sat there and shared a small testimonial. To my surprise he stood up and told me “God is telling me to do this” and he opened his purse and took out all the money he had, even coins and gave it to my hand.

He left immediately and told will come along with his daughter in the afternoon. It is 7 Years now and he has not returned. With the money sent through this angel I register this trust.